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What a photo of Trump’s new office reveals about how he wants to be remembered

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Americans got a glimpse of Donald Trump’s post-presidential office for the first time on Monday, when former White House aide Stephen Miller tweeted out a picture of himself with Trump.

The photo comes out as Trump tries to remain the kingmaker of the Republican party and has been meeting politicians down at Mar-a-Lago seeking his endorsement or hosting fundraisers at the resort. The office is above the ballroom at the exclusive Palm Beach club, according to someone who’s been in it.

The image, showing a smiling Trump and Miller with palm beach trees in the background outside, rocketed around social media, with amateur online sleuths analyzing everything from the collection of tsotchkes populating the room to the bottle hiding behind Trump’s phone.


POLITICO decided to do its own deep dive into Trump’s office, with the help of four former White House officials. Here’s our best reported effort to figure out which mementos the 45th president chose to keep around him in his new Florida life — and what it says about how he views his legacy.


PHOTO OF AIR FORCE ONE OVER WASHINGTON: The West Wing in the White House has long featured a number of blown-up “jumbo” photos and this is one of Air Force One flying over Washington near the Ellipse and the White House in the backdrop on July 4th, 2020 as part of the “Salute to America.” Trump paid close attention to his presidential airplane, adding more television screens and ordering up a new color scheme to replace the jet’s iconic baby blue.

PHOTO OF MARINE ONE AT MOUNT RUSHMORE: Trump held a July 4 event last year at Mount Rushmore, and this photo of his presidential helicopter flying in front of Mount Rushmore memorializes the event. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem gave Trump a $1,100 replica of the monument featuring Trump’s own face among the ex-presidents, but he appears to be missing here.

Source: https://www.politico.com/news/2021/04/06/donald-trump-mar-a-lago-office-479412

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