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This is amazing! oh my god! After Reading This, You Won’t Mastur*ate The Same Way Ever Again!

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Masturbating is normal for every man, instead, considered healthy. It is absolutely humane to do it because it boosts sexual pleasure and maintains a healthy sex life. However, this must not become an addiction. A fun activity that boosts sex drive should not turn out to be an uncontrollable affair to deal with. So, how to stop masturbating and why do you have to is what this article will look at.

Are You Masturbating a Lot?
How do you know that you’re overdoing it? It can affect the way you think, act and feel in society. You will witness behavioural changes that can affect your surroundings. You wouldn’t want to get into such a situation, would you? The first step to stop it by accepting the fact that you have this problem and then move ahead to finding solutions to curtail it. Here are some pointers that could indicate the very fact that you are excessively masturbating.

Skipping work, school and social gatherings to masturbate.
An uncontrollable urge to do it.
Plan to do it wherever needed.
NOTE: Everyone masturbates and it is a healthy phenomenon to do so. People who have a satisfied as well as unsatisfied sex life masturbate. All you need to keep in mind is that you do not overdo it.

Interesting Facts About Masturbation
Here are some interesting facts that will give you an insight into this topic and its other facets.

Men who ejaculate five times each week have fewer risks of developing prostate cancer.
Masturbation does not cause shrinking of the penis, decreased sex drives, infertility or blindness.
Women in their late 20s masturbate a lot.
Masturbation improves your sex life.
More men masturbate than women.
Why Do People Masturbate?
It is absolutely normal to masturbate and there are a lot of reasons why people do it. Here is why most individuals do it.

Release stress
Lack of sex
Understanding their body better
Relationship issues

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