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Here are 5 Early SYMPTOMS That Breast Cancer is Growing in Your Body

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Ladies, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases today and it takes millions of lives every year. But, you probably already knew that, right? You should also know that a healthy diet can decrease the risk of developing certain cancer. But, UNFORTUNATELY, once cancer spreads, it can be very difficult to treat. And sometimes, impossible.

Knowing the early warning signs of a certain type of cancer can help you seek early treatment and increase your chances of remission. Ladies, this means one thing – you really shouldn’t ignore these early warning signs. And, if you notice any sign, see your doctor immediately.

Ladies, you’ll be shocked when we tell you that breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer death among women. According to the experts, an eighth of all women in the USA will develop breast cancer throughout the course of their life.

NOTE: Males are not exempt from breast cancer either, as one in a thousand will develop the disease. Ladies, these symptoms are merely a guideline and are not in any intended to be a diagnosis, so do not panic if you develop the symptoms.

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned below, see a doctor immediately:

  1. Change in breast size – please don’t ignore this symptom. Ladies, this could be a change due to pregnancy or anything else that causes a shift in hormones. Even if it is not normal, do yourself a favor and see your doctor immediately.
  2. Redness or rashon the skin or around the nipple. Don’t be alarmed if the rash goes away. You should be worried if the rash stays there. This could mean that there is an underlying cause and you should see your doctor immediately.
  3. Change in skin texture – ladies, if you find any form of puckering, looking like the exterior part of an orange peel, see your doctor. Many women around the world don’t even know that this is a symptom of life-threatening disease.
  4. An inverted nipple, that pulls inward, like an inner belly button.
  5. Constant pain – this paincould be anything: your hormones being struck in that area or a bra that is badly fitted. But, if this pain stays there and it never goes away, see your doctor.

Ladies, let me say this one more time – if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned in this article, see your doctor. Do yourselves a favor and don’t waste any time. Thank you and have a good day.

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