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Vapen Clear: The First Cannabis Inhaler In The World!

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The cannabis evolution is happening right now, in the social and medical field. There are more and more cannabis advocates as well as people who are creating new, innovative ideas all around the world on how to use marijuana.

If you think you`ve seen it all, we have news for you: the invention of the world`s first cannabis inhaler called “Vapen Clean”.

What is Vapen Clean?

It looks as any other inhaler, it works the same way, without the albuterol. It releases THC, the psychoactive compound from cannabis. Each puff contains 10 mg of expenditure and 100 puff per cartridge.

Other normal vaporizers heat their content while Vapen Clean does not heat the THC, the compound is being blasted into the lungs by a propellant.

Vapen Clean is the first inhaler of its kind. It has 3 different designs, containing your favorite strain:

  • “Daytime” inhaler contains THC with sativa strain, which increases the energy levels.
  • “Nighttime” inhaler comes with indica strain, which gives a chilling, mellow effect.
  • “Afternoon” inhaler is a hybrid of the previous two, it provides a steady buzz.

Benefits of Vapen Clean

Cannabis has strong smell, so the usual ways of consumption leave a trace behind, in the form of strong odor.

Vapen Clean leaves no smell, because the product does not heat the oil, like the other vaporizers do.

One of the benefits of using it is discretion: people associate inhalers with asthma, so no one will accuse of a drug abuse, even if you consume it in public.

Another positive side of Vapen Clean is its size: the product is so small that you can take it with you everywhere, in your bag or in your pocket.

One more thing that is great about Vapen Clean- for using it, you won`t need any batteries or lighters. It is highly recommended by any cannabis connoisseur.

Purchase Vapen Clean

For now, the Vapen Clean is available only in Arizona, in a few specialist centers.

But don`t worry if you can`t get one. Vapen Clean will soon be available in other states like Oregon, California, Colorado, Washington and Nevada.



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